Hello! I'm a creative director, musician, graphic designer, multidisciplinary artist, photographer, and communications professional who has worked with large and small brands alike, focusing in particular on brand management and storytelling. 
I believe that everyone has the capacity to be creative, and I’m working to create spaces that foster creativity untethered from traditional gatekeepers. 
My art explores temporality and permanence and contains elements of graphic design, digital illustration, photography, printmaking, ceramics, collage, and multimedia art.
I’m a true believer in the power of collaboration and exploration. As a creator I'm like a bumblebee — I land on a lot of flowers. My philosophy is that of, "yes, and," to bottle the magic in spontaneity, and create the conditions for the unexpected to flourish. 
Creative Director at UC Berkeley
Guitar/bass/vox/synths in Hypnos
Artist at tawny.frogmouth
Consulting Creative Director at Mission at Tenth
Co-host of the Planet of the Meerkats podcast
Creator and host of the Artifact podcast
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